Ninth Annual - Continuing Education Day for Veterinary Technicians - Friday, October 28


The Equine Medical Center is hosting a hybrid continuing education event for veterinary technicians, offering attendees up to six-hours of continuing education credit. Registered guests are welcome to attend in person at the Equine Medical Center or remotely via a Zoom webinar link.


Speakers and titles for Vet Tech CE Seminar – October 28, 2022


9 am–10 am:  Maureen Kelleher, DVM, CVA, DACVSStaying Sound: The Importance of Foot Balance in the Horse

Balance in the foot of the horse is achieved when weight is equally distributed over the foot of each leg, protecting each limb from undue weight-bearing stress. Abnormal weight distribution can result in the overload of a ligament, tendon, or bone, resulting in lameness. This presentation will explain the importance of foot balance to the soundness and athletic ability of the horse and will provide insights into necessary hoof care to achieve and sustain balance with the goal of protecting your horse from injury.


10 am–11 am: Megan Marchitello, DVM“Understanding Contagious Disease - Equine Herpesviruses”

There are multiple equine herpesviruses identified worldwide that can cause a wide variety of clinical signs. Understanding the pathophysiology of each disease can help to better identify patient risk factors, choose the right diagnostics, and rapidly respond to disease outbreaks. This presentation will review equine herpesvirus with a special focus on equine herpesvirus-1.


11 am–12 pm: Megan Lowman, DVM “Solving the mystery of sinus disease through next-generation sequencing”

This seminar will describe the difficulties of treating equine sinusitis and the shortcomings of using routine culture to identify the bacterial pathogens involved. Next-generation sequencing will be discussed with regards to its current use and success in identifying changes in the human sinus microbiota, and its future applications in the equine sinus.


12 pm–1 pm: BREAK FOR LUNCH


1 pm–2 pm: Sophie Boorman, BVetMed, MS“Wound Management”

Successful management of traumatic wounds depends on an understanding of wound healing physiology. This case-based lecture will go over basic principles of wound management, as well as discussing some newer techniques for repair.


2 pm-3 pm:  Elizabeth MacDonald, BVMS, MS DACVIM (LAIM) – “Approach to the down horse”

A down horse that is not able to stand is a true emergency and can be a challenge to manage. This lecture will discuss some of the common causes of recumbency in the horse, along with diagnostic and management considerations.


3 pm – 4 pm: Payton Lawrence, LVT"Optimizing MRI Imaging" 

Acquiring diagnostic MRI scans can be seen more as an art than a science. This lecture will go over several common issues with acquiring scans and provide helpful insight to getting the quality images you are looking for. 


In lieu of the usual payment to attend this annual event, we would like to suggest a tax-deductible donation to the center’s Good Samaritan Fund. This compassionate fund provides financial assistance to owners of horses and other equines who are unable to financially support the treatment of serious and/or life-threatening conditions, when a successful outcome and good quality of life are likely.

Online registration for the Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center CE Day for Veterinary Technicians has now closed. For last minute registration please email Sharon Peart or call 703 771 6842.