Virginia Tech Humanities Week
February 7-11, 2022

As a part of Virginia Tech’s Sesquicentennial Celebration, the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences is proud to sponsor the first-ever Virginia Tech Humanities Week from February 7 to 11, 2022. Learn more.
Monday, February 7 Tuesday, February 8 Wednesday, February 9 Thursday, February 10 Friday, February 11

4-5:30pm - Beans Workshop
McBryde Hall 209

5-6pm - Poetry Prize Ceremony
MAC, Fife Theatre

5-6pm - Pop-Up Reading Group 1
Wallace Hall 407

7-8pm - Appiah Keynote
MAC, Fife Theatre

4-5pm - VT History Exhibit

6-7pm - Disability Culture at VT
Goodwin Hall 155

6pm - Poetry Prize Reception
MAC, Fife Theatre Stage

6-7pm - Ethics Bowl Demo
Assembly Hall, Holtzman Alumni Center


5-6pm - Pop-Up Reading Group 2
Major Williams Hall 434

7-8pm – Trudier Harris Guest Lecture
McBryde Hall 129


6-7:30pm – Holocaust Panel
McBryde 113






We have provided an option to make a gift at checkout for those who would like to contribute. All gifts will benefit the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences Annual Fund which supports the programming for Virginia Tech Humanities Week.

If you are an individual with a disability and desire an accommodation, please contact Robyn Stuart at at least 10 business days prior to the event.

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