CE for Veterinarians: Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center

The Equine Medical Center is hosting a continuing education program for veterinarians, presented as a series of three two-hour webinars, offering attendees up to six-hours of continuing education credit.

Your registration will provide you with a webinar link that may be used to join all six presentations held over three consecutive Friday mornings:
Friday, January 28: 8am–9am: Dr. Maureen Kelleher, clinical assistant professor of equine sports medicine and surgery
“MRI in the diagnosis and management of non-performance related disease”
Friday, January 28: 9am–10am: Dr. Emily Schaefer, clinical assistant professor of equine medicine
“Diagnosis and Treatment of Colic in the Neonate and Young Foal”
Friday, February 4: 8am–9am: Dr. James Brown, clinical associate professor of equine surgery
“Conditions of the Temporomandibular Joint”
Friday, February 4: 9am-10am: Dr. Megan Lowman, resident, equine surgery
“Solving the mystery of sinus disease through next-generation sequencing”
Friday, February 11: 8am-9am: Dr. Chris Byron, associate professor, large animal clinical sciences

“Intravenous regional limb perfusion in equine practice”

Friday, February 11: 9am-10am: Dr. Jennifer Barrett, Theodora Ayer Randolph professor of equine surgery
“Diagnosis and treatment of injuries to the podotrochlear region in horses”
In lieu of the usual payment to attend this annual event, we would like to suggest a tax-deductible donation to the center’s Good Samaritan Fund. This compassionate fund provides financial assistance to owners of horses and other equines who are unable to financially support the treatment of serious and/or life-threatening conditions, when a successful outcome and good quality of life are likely.

Thank you for your interest in the Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center annual CE event for veterinarians. You may still register by emailing speart@vt.edu or by calling 703 771 6842.