Cornerstone Big Event at Norfolk Public Schools
April 10, 2024
1-3 p.m.

P. B. Young, Sr. Elementary School
543 East Olney Road
Norfolk, VA 23510

Big Event for Tidewater Cornerstone Alumni. Cornerstone members will assist with Norfolk Public School's nutrition program by packing weekend meal totes (backpacks) for the school district's at risk & low income students. Registration is required.

There is no fee to participate. Any registrant desiring to make a donation can do so at checkout to The Market at Virginia Tech. If a Cornerstone member so desires, Norfolk Public Schools does collect items for their food pantry program. Items include: creamy peanut butter, instant oatmeal, pop top open chicken noodle soup, packaged meat (tuna, chicken), fruit gummy snacks, and fruit cups.

The school system also collects:
• Pasta and/or Macaroni & Cheese
• Whole grain breakfast items such as Nutri-Grain Bars, granola bars, graham crackers, etc.
• Whole grain, low/lower sugar breakfast cereals
• Crackers, such as Goldfish or Cheez-its.
• Canned vegetables (preferably with pull-tops)
• Raisins or other dried fruits
• Applesauce in portion cups or plastic jars
• Napkins and paper towels
• Disposable utensils
• Disposable plates
• Juice boxes (100% juice)

No items should be in glass containers & no large containers, as the weight of the bags will be considered as elementary school children will be carrying these meals home. All registered alumni will need to provide their driver's license or state issued ID upon check-in. 
If you are an individual with a disability and desire an accommodation, please contact Shannon Hammons at 540.231.8673 or email during regular business hours at least 10 business days prior to the event.