Book Discussion with Dr. Paul Quigley
Book: The Untold War by James I. Robertson
Date: Tuesday, December 6
Time: 7 pm. (EDT)
Join us for a book discussion led by Paul Quigley, associate professor and Director of the Virginia Center for Civil War Studies, on the book The Untold War by James I. Robertson.
Dr. Quigley is currently researching Preston Books and political violence in the 1850s, mapping the Fourth of July in the American Civil War Era, and the American Civil War.
James I. Robertson, Jr., Alumni Distinguished Professor of History at Virginia Tech, is the recipient of the Bruce Catton Award and the Freeman-Nevins Award, as well as other honors for teaching and research in Civil War history. A native of Danville, Virginia, he taught the largest Civil War history course in the world and was the author/editor of many books and more than 150 articles on the Civil War period. Among his publications are The Stonewall Brigade, Civil War Sites in Virginia, and Tenting Tonight: The Soldier's Story. Dr. Robertson passed away in 2019.
Dr. Quigley will give a brief presentation and participate in a Q&A discussion over zoom.
The cost of the event is $25 which includes the cost of the book; $5 of which is donation to the Dr. James Bud Robertson Jr. Memorial Endowment at Virginia Tech. All books will be mailed to the address included in the registration. All books will be mailed within 7 business days of receiving your registration. Register by 11.9.22 to receive your book by 11.23.22. All registrations received after 11.9.22 cannot be guarantee arrival in time for the book discussion. Every reasonable attempt will be made to ensure your book arrives on time.
The Untold War Summary
Was Gettysburg a tactical success, or was the outcome determined by a far more mundane factor: access to fresh water? How did the need to spread information about the dead and wounded give rise to the U.S. Postal Service? Did President Lincoln really age so dramatically during the course of the war, or was a rare disease to blame for the shocking difference in images of him from before and during the war? From overlooked elements, such as the role of weather, health, and high emotions, to the world-changing effect of the rise of female workers, to the many "firsts" including the introduction of standard time, pre-sized clothing, canned goods, toilets, and Santa Claus, The Untold Civil War reveals new facets of a seemingly well-known slice of American history, just in time to commemorate its 150th anniversary.
Dramatically illustrated with archival images and objects and compelling contemporary photography, this book delivers a surprise on every page: from precious personal mementos to forgotten battle sites; from newly recovered glass-plate negatives that reveal long-obscured photographic details to long-lost documents; this book adds a new dimension to our understanding of the Civil War and is a must-have for anyone with an interest in American history.
Six thematic chapters—such as "Characters," "Connections," and "A War of Firsts"—present a short introductory essay followed by approximately 30 self-contained stories that detail surprising, little-known, and fresh aspects of the war. Themes both large and small will be explored and contextualized, painting a fascinating portrait of our national character and showcasing the enduring impact of the Civil War.

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