Tech on Tap: Ending the Pandemic: COVID-19 Vaccines and Preparing for the Next One
April 21, 2021
4-5:15 p.m. ET

COVID-19 vaccines may be the key to ending the pandemic. They join a list of vaccines that over time have prevented serious illness and even death around the world. As demand surges for the COVID-19 vaccine, the spotlight now turns to understanding how vaccines work. Learn about the basics, why they are important, and how they have protected mankind for centuries. Virginia Tech researchers will also walk us through how they are using data to forecast and prevent COVID-19 outbreaks.
Kate Langwig is an infectious disease ecologist, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, and an affiliated faculty of the Global Change Center. As part of her research, she explores how variation among hosts influences epidemiological dynamics, population impacts, and the effectiveness of disease interventions.
Patrick Butler is a senior research associate at the Sanghani Center. The main thrust of his research focuses on open-source indicators such as tweets, news, blog, weather, etc., to forecast population-level events such as civil unrest, elections, and epidemics.